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We really want to help you to learn  to speak from Chinese to English! 

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  Our Course Includes

  • Has a 35 lesson course in medicine
  • Has a 7 lesson course in computers
  • Has a 6 lesson course in banking
  • Has a 8 lesson course in automotive
  • Has a 9 lesson course in taking an airplane
  • Has a 10 lesson course in housing (including a trip to the hardware  store)
  • Has a 5 lesson course in music (including how to read notes in Chinese!)
  • Also has courses in education, hair styling, movies, sports, recreation, clothing, fine dining, taking public transportation, includes countries, cities, weather systems and much more.  
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Our Fabulous Course

You can learn to speak from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English with our 3 volume, 700 page course - which contains 166 lessons.   

Each lesson has 4 pages of advanced information and usually takes 30  minutes to study.  Therefore, each lesson is amazingly designed in logical order to help bring you to fluency within that subject.



3 Volumes each 69.99

now $ 39.95  each!


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     "We want to engage learners with their purposes,  
     values and interests in mind."