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20 Free Lessons In Mandarin

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Lesson 1 - Where in the world did you go?

Lesson 2 - Exact change, please.

(for better viewing use 150 magnification)

Lesson 3 - Exact change, please.

Lesson 4 - I'd like to use my airmiles.

Lesson 5 - No vacancy.

Lesson 6 - How do I pay the rent?

Lesson 7 - What's today's special?

Lesson 8 - Everything is on sale!

Lesson 9 - And the award goes to...

Lesson 10 - The fish are biting. 








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  Chinese Proverb
                           "Tell me, and I forget.                               
Show me, and I remember.  
       Let me do, and I understand."     

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